NDB XDP-II-017IND Inductive Phase Synchronization Transmitter Kit

Enables phase synchronization in peak-angle mode.

Inductive signal detection.



The well-established XDP-II™ is a battery-operated portable device allowing partial discharge detection and analysis. The data is saved in its internal memory for local or further analysis on the PC-based XDP-SOFT™. Paired with the proper accessories, the XDP-II™ becomes a powerful solution for many applications such as Cable Joints and Elbows, Switchgear, Offline, Acoustic, TEV, Rotating machines, Transformer, etc.


• Easy to use, portable and battery operated
• pC and dB value display
• Several display modes for on-site real time analysis and diagnostic
• Saves the waveform and edge of PD in its memory with the date and time
• Up to 7.5 hrs autonomy
• Ultra-versatile instrument
• Network phase synchronization

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