NDB ACC-123 Hook Type Probe

Hook type probe for SPI-III measurement module. Allows for direct contact phasing on overhead power lines.



SPI-III’s unique design consists of a wireless bi-module combo that is stunningly easy to configure and operate. With many advancements and innovations, SPI-III will be more helpful than ever before, enabling field applications such as identification of A-B-C electrical phases from all 50 and 60 Hz networks, switchgear phase concordance (matching), phase rotation, system paralleling, underground phasing applications and more.


• True Phase Identification System
• Works on all voltage levels
• Intuitive graphical readings
• Direct & non-contact phasing
• Accurate GPS satellite technology
• • Robust wireless communication
• Field-proven rugged design
• Holdover mode (no GPS coverage)
• Differed mode (no cell coverage)

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