NDB VCI-3DSV Detector V Sensor

High sensitivity differential V shaped sensor used with the detector module.

Application: Paper lead insulated cable identifi­cation (PILC). Rejects neutral signal currents.



The VCi-3™ system is designed for cable and phase identification, mainly for instal­lation or maintenance purposes on three-phase electrical networks during power shutdowns.

The transmitter module injects a low current on the cable conductors by direct con­tact or magnetic clamps methods. A voice message is recorded by the user and will be transmitted along with digital signals. Groundings stay connected at both ends of the three-phase circuit during the test. The detector module is used at the other end of the cable system.


• Unique balanced injection system that eliminates signal bleeding on other wires
• Three different frequencies to identify each phase
• Easy to install and operate
• Extended range: up to 10 km (6 miles) of working distance
• Tone transmission for more than 8 hours
• Lightweight and compact
• Optional magnetic sensing transducer
• Phase detection by transmitter tone presence or absence
• Digital filtering of network harmonics
• Unique dual grounded method

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