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Hioki 3504 C HiTester

Dual-band 120Hz/1kHz Capacitance Meter for High Speed Inspection of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) on Taping Machines

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The 3504 series are dual-band capacitance meters suited for large-capacitance MLCC inspections using a constant voltage.

Key Features

• High speed measurement of 2ms
• Supports C measurements with voltage dependency characteristics through the use of constant voltage testing (CV)
• Model 3504-60 can detect contact failure on all 4 terminals for increased reliability
• BIN function on the 3504-60/-50 is ideal for sorting machines
• Model 3504-40 offers high speed and affordability, perfect for integrating into taping machines
• In all models, contact error is constantly monitored during measurement, contributing to increased yield

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