GWINSTEK GPT-9900 Electrical Safety Tester



The GPT-9900 series is built upon a platform of AC 500VA maximum power output. The GPT-9904 is a 4-in-1 model capable of performing AC withstanding, DC withstanding, insulation resistance and ground bond tests, whereas the GPT-9903A is a 3-in-1 model capable of performing AC withstanding, DC withstanding and insulation resistance tests. The GPT-9902A is capable of performing both AC and DC withstanding tests whereas The GPT-9901A is able to only perform AC withstanding tests.The GPT-9900 series safety tester follows every good feature and advantage of the GPT-9800 series. The high-efficiency PWM amplifier is the core of GPT-9900 platform design to impede the influence from the voltage fluctuation of input AC source. The output voltage is automatically cut off (within 150μs) upon the detection of an abnormal output voltage or a trip of current limits during test to protect the operator from hazardous injury. The GPT-9900 series automatically discharges the DUT after each test to eliminate excessive voltage that remains on the DUT.


・ 500VA AC Test Capacity
・ Short Current > 200mA
・ 240×64 Ice Blue Dot matrix LCD
・ Sweep Function for DUT characteristic analysis
・ Insulation resistance measurement up to 50GΩ(GPT-9903A/9904)
・ Manual/Auto Mode
・ Function Key for quick selection
・ High intensity flash for caution & Status indication
・ Safety INTERLOCK function
・ Zero Crossing Turn-on Operation
・ Controllable Ramp-up Time

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