The RG935 is the first 10.1″ tablet from RugGear designed for long working hours, due to its two batteries with total 8,000 mAh capacity that support HotSwap. Its wide display is designed to easily access data on the go and its light weight, rugged credentials make it the perfect communication tool for professional and industrial environments.



Ready for professional communication
RG935 tablet is designed and ready for efficient communication: With its broad Wi-Fi range and Dual SIM 4G LTE connectivity, the device is even built for challenging work environments as a stand-alone full communication device.

User friendly device
The RG935 is a user friendly, lightweight 10.1’’ tablet, built in an ultra-rugged shell – it survives even falls for up to 1.5 m. It is constructed for one-hand-operation via an adjustable hand strap, has 3 customisable hardware buttons and a Full HD outdoor readable display. This capacitive display is also operable with wet fingers and gloves.

Industrial environment specialist
The RG935 has been designed for industrial use: It supports industry logistics as GPS Navigator, barcode reader and stock management tool; its scope of application does not end there: the RG935 could be beneficial in production line management and, thanks to Vi-LTE (Video over LTE) support, it is the ideal partner for remote guided maintenance.

HotSwap batteries
The RG935 has been powerfully equipped with 2 x 4000 mAh batteries that support HotSwap. Thanks to this innovative technology, there is no longer need to stop working or interrupt applications when batteries needs replacement: the tablet can carry on working even when a battery has been removed.

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