NDB ART-VX Secondary Replacement Cable Set

Measuring replacement cable set for ART-3D.

Connects to the X bushings of the power transformer. Comes standard with detachable connectors and black booster type clamps.



The ART-3D™ series of ratio meters are high precision instruments, designed to measure turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution and instrument trans­formers in conformity to the IEEE C57.12.90 & IEC 60076.


• Much lighter and handier than other equipment in its category
• Shock resistant, it is suitable for all types of applications: work site or laboratory
• The LCD display is equipped with a backlight to allow work in any conditions
• Weak current injection for applications that require small measurement contacts
• Many accessories are available for your application such as exothermic welding (Cadweld®), measurements on very small surfaces.

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