Guide D Series Performance Infrared Camera

Thermographic IR camera, D series continues Guide’s tradition of offering both high-quality and innovative features.



Its rugged and ergonomic design makes it a standout among its competitors. In addition, its simple operation interface and intelligent button navigation will make the first-time user feel like an expert. The D series offers an optional lens set to meet varying FOV requirements. With the built-in illuminator, you can easily take visible photos and compare them with IR photos, so that you can see problems more easily.

Key Features:

  • 4” high light touch screen

Adjustable brightness. Still clear under sunshine. All operation can be completed on the touch screen


  • Optional Lens set

You can choose the proper lens for different occasions


  • Built-in illuminator

Take visible photos in the low lighting environment


  • Different image type

IR, visible


  • Removable SD card

32G storage capacity for photos and videos compression storage


  • Wi-Fi share

Share IR images and findings immediately


  • Connected with mobile terminal

Connected with mobile terminal to take IR photo, to achieve multi-screen control


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