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ACTAS BTT Portable switchgear testing systems

ACTAS BTT is a battery-operated, hand-held measuring device which can determine operating times, contact synchronicity, sequence time and coil currents extremely quickly and easily.

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Switching times, contact synchronicity, sequence time and coil currents can be determined very easily and quickly with the ACTAS BTT hand-held wireless meter. Due to this extensive functionality and the high measuring accuracy, ACTAS BTT offers many application possibilities, for example in the switching time measurement of low, medium and high voltage switching devices, relay contacts, contactors and switch disconnectors.


• Determination of switching times

• Verification of contact synchronicity

• Determination of the sequence time CO

• Measurement of coil currents

• Compact, ergonomic device design

• Battery operation up to 12 hours

• Easy to read graphic display

• Status display for inputs and outputs

• Bluetooth incl. Remote control function for Android

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