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Rion NL62 Class 1 Integrating Logging Sound Level Meter

extended (low) frequency version of the Rion NL-52, Rion’s cost-effective, feature-rich, upgrade-able Class 1 platform for environmental noise

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The frequency range of the NL-62 is 1 Hz-20 kHz. The NL-62 also has G weighting in addition to Z, A and C weighting. The NL-62 has all the functionality of the NL-62, and can be used with the NL-52’s options and accessories such as WS-15 Outdoor Windshield Protection, NX-42WR audio recording and NX-42FT narrow-band analysis. There is a specific octave/third octave option for the NL-62, NX-62RT. NX-62RT has the same functionality as NX-42RT but has additional low frequency octave and third octave bands to extend the frequency range all the way down to 1 Hz.


This combination of extended (low) frequency range and full environmental logging capability (with audio recording, octave/third octave bands and FFT options available) makes the NL-62 a uniquely practical tool for investigating low frequency noise phenomena such as modulation noise from wind turbines.

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