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Rion NL52 & NL42 Class 1 & Class 2 Sound level meter

Large and Easily viewable three-inch LCD Color display. The unit (except for the microphone) is water-resistant, which means that it is an unaffected by sudden rain showers.

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Both units are capable of measuring A, C and Z frequency weighted measurements with either F (Fast) or S (Slow) time weightings. Along with the following values and statistics:

Instantaneous SPL: Lp
Equivalent continuous SPL: Leq
Sound Exposure Level: Le
Maximum SPL: Lmax
Minimum SPL: Lmin
Percentile sound levels: Ln (0.1% to 99.9% in 0.1 increment steps. Max 5 values)
The Rion NL-42 and NL-52 are water resistant to a rating of IP54.

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