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Ideal Networks LanTEK IV

The LanTEK IV is a new Cable Certification System that brings a new standard to the industry, making the job faster, easier and more profitable.

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LanTEK IV – Copper and Fibre Certifier

7 Second Test Time – Test and save a Cat6A test within 7 seconds. VisiLINQ™ increases productivity – VisiLINQ™ permanent link adapters present a new and unique way to test, everything you need to operate the certifier and
verify the results in the palm of your hand. Future proof – Certify links to Cat8.1 and Cat8.2 including TCL and resistance unbalance measurements. The LanTEK IV will test up to 3000MHz providing room for future ratified ISO/TIA test standards. No downtime or unexpected bills – The Sapphire Care Plan is designed to minimise down time, reduce the cost of ownership and protect against unforeseen repair bills. Label printer connectivity saves time – Easily create complex naming conventions that are seamlessly transferred to a label printer for fast and accurate labelling.