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Hioki ST5540 ST5541 Leak Current HiTester

Leakage Current Tester According to IEC 60601-1, IEC60990, IEC60335, and other Safety Standards

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Hioki ST5540_st5541To ensure the safe use of electrical products, electrical safety tests such as insulation resistance, withstand voltage, ground resistance, and leakage current must always be conducted. Hioki Leakage Current Testers comply with laws and standards regarding medical electrical equipment as well as non-medical electrical equipment, and can be used to measure leakage current in all types of electrical products from computers to medical equipment. The ST5540 consists of measurement networks that simulate the human body and a high-frequency volt meter, and is also capable of switching power supply polarities and making measurements under simulated single fault conditions in equipment under test.


Key Features

• IEC 60601-1: (2005) 3rd Edition, JIS T0601-1:2012 compliant

• Complies with JIS, IEC, and UL standards governing medical- and general-use electrical devices

• Uninterrupted polarity switching function dramatically reduces cycle time

• Support for rated currents up to 20 A gives the instrument more than adequate capability for testing products designed to comply with new standards

• Touch panel features simple, interactive operation

• Communications functionality and external I/O support allow automatic testing on production lines

Data Specifications

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